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A closer look at... 'Visitors'

Our final 'A closer look' features our most recent single, 'Visitors'. After much touring in support of the release of Theatres of the Mind, the time came to record something brand new at the start of this year. 'Visitors' was a refreshing project change for us, as we returned to producing a standalone single after being so engrossed in the EP concept for such a long time, and it was a track that introduced a number of new ideas as far as writing was concerned. The song draws on a wide range of influences from bands such as Mastodon, Opeth and Tool, while retaining a musical element that is distinctly LWF. Lyrically, 'Visitors' relates an out-of-body experience: travelling through time and s

A closer look at... 'Pt. 2: The Binary Sun'

Following on from the quiet reflection of 'Opia', 'Pt.2: The Binary Sun' brings us to the finale of the Theatres of the Mind story. A 10-minute titan with sweeping progressive passages, aggressive riffs and layering builds, the final song takes up nearly half the run-time of the EP, and was a first for us: writing with no constraints on run-time or structure. The narrative sees our protagonists continuing their struggle for survival as they climb the mountain that overlooks the City of Wires, to watch the world destroy itself and to welcome what follows. The acoustic build that leads into the reprisal of the 'Litany'/'Pt. 1' motif is a favourite section of our live set, and was a stylistic t

A closer look at... 'Opia'

This week, we're taking an in-depth look at 'Opia'. 'Opia' is a pause for breath on the Theatres of the Mind record - an acoustic number nestled between the compact aggressiveness of 'Zero Won' and sweeping progression of 'Pt.1: Alexithymia', and the mammoth closing track 'Pt. 2: The Binary Sun'. One of the main narrative themes of the EP is the struggle of the two protagonists to communicate, perhaps due to the events preceding the story that led to the dystopian landscape in which they now reside, and during 'Opia' we see the characters attempting to describe their past lives to each other by drawing in the dirt of the wasteland they now call home. They reminisce about the beauty of the wo

A closer look at... 'Pt. 1: Alexithymia'

After a glimpse at the story's end with the Theatres of the Mind EP opener 'Litany', 'Pt. 1: Alexithymia' presents the first chapter of the record's narrative. We're introduced to a man who awakens in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, seemingly with no memory of what came before. Mankind has become completely dependent on technology and has lost all semblance of humanity, existing as lifeless husks of machine-driven organic matter. Any remaining humans have been deemed a threat to the machine's existence and have been destroyed, creating the mass graves of the City of Wires. Our protagonist appears to be the last human survivor, until he meets another who, like him, thought a companion only exis

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