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A closer look at... 'Litany'

This week, we're taking a closer look at the opening track on our 2019 EP Theatres of the Mind, 'Litany'. An introductory track is something that many concept records use to set the scene of the world in which their music takes place, and 'Litany' does just that. Originally titled 'Epilogue', the lyrics of 'Litany' fall at the end of the Theatres of the Mind storyline, and see the two protagonists sitting atop the mountain that overlooks The City of Wires, serenely watching the world come to an end. The chord progression that underpins the track is a motif which returns throughout the record, a technique that we have always loved in many of our favourite concept albums. The eventual song nam

A closer look at... 'Zero Won'

This week, as part of our 'A closer look' series, we're diving into our 2019 single 'Zero Won'. Though scripting narratives into our music had become a usual part of our process by the time we sat down to write 'Zero Won', the track was the harbinger for our first foray into a story woven through multiple songs. Eventually, this would manifest as our first concept EP, 'Theatres of the Mind'. 'Zero Won' sets the scene for the story of the EP lyrically, describing a post-apocalyptic wasteland where mankind, long devoid of any shred of humanity, has been nearly destroyed by its dependency on the machines that it created. In this setting we meet two remaining humans, fighting to survive in the C

A closer look at... 'Home'

This week, we're taking a closer look at 'Home'. Re-released earlier this year as a rerecorded treat for our fans, 'Home' was originally recorded in 2013, and has been a regular in our live set for a number of years. 'Home' marked another important stage in the development of our musical style. Experimenting with orchestral sounds has since become a key part of our writing process, and it began with the symphonic intro to this song. 'Home' showcases a lighter, mellifluous side to the band, one that contrasts with the heaviness of previous singles, and was instrumental in our departure from a metalcore sound. Lyrically, 'Home' is more introspective than the songs that came before it, dealing

A closer look at... 'Sweet Serenity'

We're taking an in-depth look at our back catalogue while gigs are suspended, both on our social media and here on our website. Next up, we have our second single - 'Sweet Serenity', mastered by TesseracT's Acle Kahney. 'Sweet Serenity' was a turning point for us in terms of songwriting, as it began the practice of including a narrative in the lyrics - something we've continued to do ever since. It follows the story of someone who, upon finding themselves in the afterlife after a brief but corrupt existence, reflects on the beauty of life and all that they have missed. They plead to be given a second chance to do things right. The narrative fits wonderfully with the juxtaposition of heavy, s

A closer look at... 'Continuance'

Since we're unable to bring our songs to you live at the moment, we'll be spending the next few weeks taking an in-depth look at our recorded tracks, on both our social media and here on our website. This week, we have our first single release - 'Continuance'. 'Continuance' is, more than anything, a message of hope in the darkest of times: a parable told from the perspective of one who, even though the world is ending, breaks free from the shackles holding them back and faces the darkness head on. The central message of the song is whatever has happened can be overcome if one learns to rise above it. The track features a saxophone solo by the immensely talented Charlie Parker, as well as har

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