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About Us


JH Norris                         Lead Vocals

Harry Lingard-Bright          Guitar 

Paul Heavey                     Guitar and Vocals

Oscar Lopez                     Drums

Combining intricate riffs and furious rhythms with anthemic, cascading vocals, LestWeForget’s unique brand of progressive metal synthesises those two most disparate of things - the complex and the catchy.


The band’s innovative sound derives from juxtaposition. This exists in the connection between JH Norris’s monumental vocals, Harry Lingard-Bright’s soaring lead lines, Paul Heavey’s driving guitar riffs and Oscar Lopez’s thunderous drum-work.


Since appearing to a crowd of 6,000 at the Proud2 in London’s O2 Arena during the final of Live and Unsigned, at which the band played for high-profile industry professionals such as Kerrang!’s Alex Baker, LestWeForget have gone out on a number of headline runs, and have obtained notable support slots with bands such as Yashin, Fearless Vampire Killers, Press to Meco, Wars, Chapter and Verse, and Martyr de Mona, among others.


They have sold out the O2 Academy 2 in Oxford, and have performed at prestigious live venues across the UK.


Praised especially by BBC Introducing’s Dave Gilyeat, LestWeForget’s 2017 release ‘Sweet Serenity’ showcased the band's affinity for a technical riff alongside a melodic, stadium-filling vocal line, and can be listened to on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and more, alongside their wider back catalogue.


LestWeForget's 2019 single, 'Zero Won', is the most emphatic manifesto of their style to date - it has garnered a multitude of plaudits through a variety of publications and media.


In May 2019, LestWeForget signed to UAC Management, and subsequently the 'Theatres of the Mind' EP was released on all major streaming platforms on Friday 18 October 2019.


2020 began for the band with a re-released and re-mastered version of 'Home' in March, before the new single 'Visitors' dropped the following April. LestWeForget completed the year with the release of 'Messiah Complex' on 4 December.


The 2021 single, 'Sleepwalking', and latest track ‘Jötunn’, are available on all major streaming platforms now. You can listen to all of LestWeForget's music by clicking on your preferred streaming service's icon in the top right of this window.


LestWeForget continue to work as an exciting and inventive force in the UK scene.

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