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A closer look at... 'Zero Won'

This week, as part of our 'A closer look' series, we're diving into our 2019 single 'Zero Won'.

Though scripting narratives into our music had become a usual part of our process by the time we sat down to write 'Zero Won', the track was the harbinger for our first foray into a story woven through multiple songs. Eventually, this would manifest as our first concept EP, 'Theatres of the Mind'.

'Zero Won' sets the scene for the story of the EP lyrically, describing a post-apocalyptic wasteland where mankind, long devoid of any shred of humanity, has been nearly destroyed by its dependency on the machines that it created. In this setting we meet two remaining humans, fighting to survive in the City of Wires.

Musically, the song incorporates a number of technical ideas and riffs into a single-length tune, while maintaining the anthemic catchyness that we always try to include in the music that we create. It has been our most commercially successful song to date, having been selected by Spotify for their 'New Blood' playlist.

'Zero Won' also allowed us to work with Ermin Hamidovic of Systematic Productions for the first time. He has mastered all of the music we have released since 'Zero Won'.

Listen to 'Zero Won' here:

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