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Oscar Lopez joins as our new drummer

We are delighted to announce that Oscar Lopez has joined LestWeForget as our new full-time drummer.

Oscar Lopez is a Drummer. Born on the magnificent shores of the Canary Islands, he cut his teeth playing drums in luxurious hotels for tourists from all over the world during the day; and in the dark depths of the metal scene deep into the night. This contrast allowed him to experience different audiences, musicians and styles, and in turn to master different situations.

All of this came in handy when he moved to London in 2013 to further develop his skills. The experience in the capital gave him a chance to study with world-class performers and see first-hand what being a professional drummer in one of the music industry’s epicentres entails. He spent the next few years alternating between Cruise Ships Contracts, Function Bands, and tours around Europe with Blues, Metal, and Pop Bands.

In 2018 he relocated to Oxford, where he also has a busy teaching practice. In 2022, he joined LestWeForget as their new drummer.


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