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A closer look at... 'Continuance'

Since we're unable to bring our songs to you live at the moment, we'll be spending the next few weeks taking an in-depth look at our recorded tracks, on both our social media and here on our website.

This week, we have our first single release - 'Continuance'.

'Continuance' is, more than anything, a message of hope in the darkest of times: a parable told from the perspective of one who, even though the world is ending, breaks free from the shackles holding them back and faces the darkness head on. The central message of the song is whatever has happened can be overcome if one learns to rise above it.

The track features a saxophone solo by the immensely talented Charlie Parker, as well as harsher vocals that don't appear as often in our recent releases - in our live show, these sections are now sung.

'Continuance' was an extremely therapeutic song to write back in 2016, and its message definitely still rings true now.

Listen to it here:

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