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A closer look at... 'Opia'

This week, we're taking an in-depth look at 'Opia'.

'Opia' is a pause for breath on the Theatres of the Mind record - an acoustic number nestled between the compact aggressiveness of 'Zero Won' and sweeping progression of 'Pt.1: Alexithymia', and the mammoth closing track 'Pt. 2: The Binary Sun'.

One of the main narrative themes of the EP is the struggle of the two protagonists to communicate, perhaps due to the events preceding the story that led to the dystopian landscape in which they now reside, and during 'Opia' we see the characters attempting to describe their past lives to each other by drawing in the dirt of the wasteland they now call home.

They reminisce about the beauty of the world that used to be, and find solace in each other. 'Opia' as a term refers to 'the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable', and the events of the song explore this emotional connection, in a world where emotion is all but lost.

Musically, this song is far more stripped back than other tracks in our catalogue, with prevalent acoustic instruments and a simple structure, lending itself perfectly to a live play-through, which was performed alongside classical musicians in the Chapel of University College, Oxford, in January 2020.

Watch the performance:

Listen to the track:

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