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A closer look at... 'Pt. 2: The Binary Sun'

Following on from the quiet reflection of 'Opia', 'Pt.2: The Binary Sun' brings us to the finale of the Theatres of the Mind story.

A 10-minute titan with sweeping progressive passages, aggressive riffs and layering builds, the final song takes up nearly half the run-time of the EP, and was a first for us: writing with no constraints on run-time or structure.

The narrative sees our protagonists continuing their struggle for survival as they climb the mountain that overlooks the City of Wires, to watch the world destroy itself and to welcome what follows.

The acoustic build that leads into the reprisal of the 'Litany'/'Pt. 1' motif is a favourite section of our live set, and was a stylistic touch that hasn't been seen in our previous work.

This track continues and concludes all the themes of the record, and brings the story to a close at the point at which it began, with 'Litany'.

Listen to it here:

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